Sparrow Scarer


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The Sparrow Scarer is designed to help keep House Sparrows out of Bluebird houses.  The Sparrow Scarer is made to be mounted on top of a Bluebird house that is currently in use.  Once a Bluebird has laid an egg inside the house, the Scarer should be attached.  Timing is key: if the Scarer is mounted on a house before there is any bird activity, it will scare away both Bluebirds and House Sparrows.  Make sure there is a egg inside the house before mounting your Sparrow Scarer.  Once the young have fledged the Sparrow Scarer should be removed so the Bluebird can attempt a second, or third brood.  Birds will shy away from shiny, reflective objects, but will not abandon their established nest.

Made in Rochester, NY


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