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Big news from The Bird House!

As we all toasted to the New Year, behind the scenes at The Bird House something major happened! As of January 1st, 2022, The Bird House has two new owners, and you just may know them! Liz Magnanti and Patti Pirz are the new owners of The Bird House. Liz and Patti have worked at The Bird House for 15 and 13 years respectively helping customers with their backyard birding needs, finding the perfect gift, giving you up-to-date information about birding and more! If you thought they were already owners that is for good reason.

The Bird House opened in 1994 and remained under the leadership of its original owner, John Gerhard, from that time until the new ownership. John has always had the mindset of “hire good people, give them some direction, and get out of the way.” Under his leadership and advisement The Bird House has grown into the business you have all come to love and enjoy. The Bird House specializes in high-quality bird seed and food, feeders, and houses. Since opening, the store has expanded to 5,900 sq ft and our products also have expanded to include gardening tools, garden statuary, wind chimes, and unique nature gifts. 

At The Bird House we consider ourselves to be “A Wild Bird Store and More” by not only offering a great shopping experience but a full calendar of events, and online programming.

The Bird House is a proud member of the Pittsford Chamber of Commerce and a corporate sponsor of The Rochester Birding Association.


I love being able to use my degree in Wildlife Conservation to promote the backyard birding hobby and help customers make their yards their own personal nature sanctuary. When away from the Bird House I enjoy birding, gardening, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors with my dogs Axel and Beavis.


I’ve always loved being outside, and I figured studying environmental science at RIT was a good fit. I have more knowledge about ecosystems but working here is really helping me learn about birds.

My favorite birds are crows. I think they’re really pretty and I’m amazed by how smart they are and by their sense of community.

My favorite hobbies include baking & cooking, playing guitar, and hanging out with my cats.


My interest in nature and birds is inspired by my backyard bird feeder.

The American Kestrel, aka Sparrow Hawk, is beautiful, fast and a little predator. One of my favorites!

My favorite hobbies are gardening dahlias, fishing (catch and release), playing with my three rabbits, and going to Disney World!


I am a native of Pittsford and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Syracuse University who subsequently went off to Minnesota for twenty-five years, during which I worked as a map-maker, a people manager, and a web and software techie, mostly in fast-moving, very creative start-up environments. Now in pseudo-retirement, I enjoy birding and the outdoors. As an owner of half a dozen different bird feeders myself, I’m busy learning all I can (and always will be), so that you can rely on me to do my best to understand your bird-related needs and then help you find what you’re after, here at The Bird House!


Trish is a teacher’s assistant and also volunteers her time at Tinker Nature Park. As an avid backyard birder, Trish is great at answering any of your birding questions! When not at the Bird House, she loves keeping in touch with her six grandchildren.


My passion for birding began after an Achilles tear severely curtailing my physical activities. I had read about the Braddock Bay Hawk Watch in a newspaper article and looking for a sedentary activity, decided to check it out. Shortly after arriving I was amazed to see a Bald Eagle, Tundra Swans, and hundreds of migrating hawks. I was at once “hooked”. My birding interests gradually expanded, and I especially enjoy watching and listening to owls, warblers, and waterfowl.

My other interests include sports, reading, frequenting area parks, and refuges with my wife Carole, and enjoying our two cats.


I developed my love for birds as a customer of The Bird House for over twenty years. I love helping people! With my many years of knowledge and experience with birds and nature, I am able to solve problems and make sure you find just the right item you’re looking for.

I also share my love for nature as a Docent at the Seneca Park Zoo. My favorite bird is the Black Capped Chickadee because it can be seen year round and he enjoys its song.

When not at The Bird House or the Zoo, one of my passions for the past 35 years is playing competitive softball across the country. I also enjoy spending time with my lovely wife, beautiful daughter, and Westie, Luna.


The natural world is a wonder to me and birds are one special part of it. I always kept birdhouses and feeders outside my classroom windows during my long career as an elementary school teacher.

One of my great joys was instilling a love of bird watching to my students. Any lesson could be interrupted for an exciting bird sighting!


My grandfather gave me bird books as a little girl and he had a mulberry tree outside a huge picture window at our cottage where we would bird watch. Cedar waxwings and cardinals would be the frequent visitors. I have fed the birds for as long as I can remember. My dad was an outdoors man and growing up I spent a lot of time with him in the woods watching the birds and animals.

I love spending time with my cows, bunnies, and my Lab Daisy. I enjoy gardening, photography, and watching birds in my yard.

My favorite birds are wrens! House wrens and Carolina wrens! I love their songs and watching them in the yard along with goldfinches, chickadees, red breasted nuthatches, and catbirds. The thing I love most about birds is their songs and calls, they are amazing.


Even though I grew up in the woods, I didn’t develop a strong interest in birds until I moved to Rochester, where parks provided regular encounters with new species that sparked my curiosity. Now I garden with native ecosystems in mind, and I take great joy as new visitors find my little urban garden.

I also love baking, knitting, and music, especially Classical and early music.


As a child, I always brought home frogs, baby birds, snakes, salamanders, etc. to take care of and raise. I have always loved dogs, cats, and horses (all creatures, really). I learned about nature and animals through camping, hiking, nature photography, travel, adventure clubs, scuba diving, and studying marine sciences and plants in college. Naturally watching birds and learning about their behaviors has evolved my interests in nature, eco-friendly native gardening, and world environmental issues. It is a lifelong passion!

I love cardinals, their beautiful color, song, and behavior fascinate me. I love how the male comes to the feeder and feeds his mate and offspring. It is so endearing and beautiful to watch.


Angie has had a camera of some sort in hand since 5th grade. When she aquired her first “grown up” camera (Nikon DSLR) Birds became her favorite subject to shoot. The Great Blue Heron is her Spark bird, the bird that caught her eye and attention and curiosity and she finds Long-tailed Ducks ridiculously adorable, but the Turkey Vulture is by far her favorite bird. They get a bad rep, but they are communal creatures, evolutionary marvels who are crucial to the environment and positively awe-inspring to watch in flight.

During 2020, like pretty much everyone in WNY, Angie put up a couple of bird feeders to maintain her sanity while Birding Trips with the Rochester Birding Association were on pause. It helped that a friend she’d known for a whole lotta years (Patti!) worked at The Bird House, so she learned a lot and bought a LOT of bird-stuff. She spent enough time (and money) at the Bird House that it was inevitable that she got a job here!

Besides nature photography, Angie enjoys fiber arts (knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing), choral singing, watching movies (mostly sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, and horror), and catering to the whims of her Feline Overlord, BK Jones aka Jonesy!


Growing up I was always running barefoot outside hoping my mother would forget to call me inside for dinner.

I am currently a student studying athletic training at West Virginia University. I love the West Virginia scenery but for school breaks nothing beats coming home to Rochester.

I love listening to music on my record player, playing with my dogs, watching nature documentaries, and growing my indoor plant collection.

My favorite bird is an ostrich because it is a beautiful bird with character. It is the largest bird in the world and has three stomachs!


As a long-time customer of The Bird House before joining the team, my love of backyard birding sprang from the inspiration I gleaned while shopping here! There are SO MANY specialized feeders and foods, and Liz’s weekly broadcasts only served to get me more excited about attracting wildlife to my yard! In fact, I’ve been known to have as many as 16 bird and squirrel feeders up at one time! While I enjoy a large variety, I get most excited by the occasional piliated woodpecker at my large paddle-tail suet feeder.


Since I can ever remember, animals and the outdoors drew me in more than any truck or action figure could ever. I lunged at any opportunity to play outside, discover different kinds of life, and buy hoards of various field guides.

Although birds used to put me a little on edge when I was much younger, my fondness for them has dramatically grown since immersing myself in more nature. My favorite birds have for a long time have been seagulls and pigeons. They’re not only pretty unique in their simple, yet defined look, but their creative behavior among humans and food has always been a consistent source of entertainment for me. Hilarious stuff.

Recently starting my job at the Bird House has been enlightening and I couldn’t imagine a better place to work with the incredible staff that diligently work here every day. I’m excited to gain more and more experience here and I look forward to mixing more seed!


I am new to The Bird House, but I am not new to birding. I have enjoyed this wonderful pastime for more than forty years. I love feeding the birds in my backyard, but I especially love getting out and watching birds in their homes. My favorite is spending time with my wife in our kayaks on Irondequoit Bay. You never know what will show up! Eagles, Herons, Ospreys, Egrets, Kingfishers, Terns, and a multitude of waterfowl. What fun!


Although I’ve been growing indoor cacti since high school, I didnt’ become a true nature – bird appreciator until I became a big-time gardener 24 years ago. It took being surrounded by my gardens for me to recognize the wonder of birds and nature!

I would have to say that the nuthatch is my favorite bird. He turns mealtime into something different by eating upside down – totally a bird after my own heart!

My favorite hobbies are wine tasting, gardening, photography, flea market/estate sale perusing, pottery, and bird watching.


In late January 2022, The Bird House was thrilled to welcome Orion, our fabulous new furry employee! Although his official job title is Security Specialist, he prefers his unofficial job as Greeter! A stray who had resided at Lollipop Farm for only four days when he adopted us, 4+ years old Orion is a people cat and has already adapted to his new home. Come in say “hi,” pet him, hear him trill and maybe he’ll even do a “wheelie” for you!

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