Hummingbird Feeder Fresh

Product Description

The safe way to keep nectar fresh

Defend the integrity of your hummingbird nectar by adding clear, all natural Nectar Defender. Using no dyes or preservatives, this is the equivalent of Feeder Fresh for nectar feeders using a naturally occurring, bird-safe micronutrient to keep nectar fresh.

Take better care of your amazing hummingbirds and help your nectar stay fresh a lot longer. Add 1 tablespoon to each quart of nectar or add 1 teaspoon to each 1-1/3 cup of nectar. 4 oz. bottle.

4 oz. capacity
Satisfy your hummingbirds with fresh food 24/7
Safe, naturally occurring micronutrients for better bird health
Easy to use liquid formula
Naturally prevents spoilage for weeks

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