Woodlink Going Green Tall Hopper Feeder


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No more filling your feeders every day!

Watch birds perch and feed from all four sides. This heavy duty hopper feeder holds a whopping 9 pounds of seed! The built-in seed diverter allows your birds to eat every seed, so there’s no waste. The roof keeps the seed dry in the hopper and the feeding tray. Pole-mount, pole sold separately. Made from durable brown and green recycled plastic.

  • 12.500” L x 11.500” W x 13.500” H
  • 7.800 lb
  • Holds 9 lbs of seed for fewer refills
  • Watch more birds feed from all four sides
  • Features clear plastic siding for viewing the seed levels
  • Lift up the roof for filling from the top
  • Made in the USA


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