Coveside Bat Mansion


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Offer bats a grand roost in your yard with the Coveside Bat Mansion.
Several hundred bats have plenty of options with six chambers plus an attic, thus providing for greater temperature stability. Bats seek the most comfortable temperature by moving up or down inside the house. The Bat Mansion is designed to house a large colony of over 100 bats. It is ideal for a nursing colony. Four partitions spaced at varying intervals allow for several common species of bat to occupy the chambers inside. An attic at the top serves to trap heat and warm the house. Larger bat species prefer an environment of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit for nursery colonies, while smaller bats like their homes in the 90-110 degree range.
  • Capacity: 200 bats
  • Dimensions: 23-1/2″h x 11″w x 11-3/4″d
  • Construction: eastern white pine
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lb


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