Erva Double Arm Adjustable Shepherd Hook


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  • Minimum Overall Height: 57″
  • Maximum Overall Height: 89″
  • Minimum In Ground Height of Hang Point: 43″
  • Maximum In Ground Height of Hang Point: 75″
This product allows 32″ of height adjustment!
  1. 10″ Step in leg for proper anchoring. Additional cross brace “step in” prong sinks 8″ into ground for excellent stability.
  2. Arm reach is 12″ .
  3. Thumb screw with 5/16-18 thread pattern for easy re-positioning.
  4. 5/8″ square lower tube has an .060 wall for maximum strength.
  5. 7/16″ square travelling shaft.
  6. Over 32″ of positioning range.
  7. Sculpted hook arms give this product a “finished” appearance.
  8. Crafted with pride. This is not an ordinary mass market product.
This product allows for the positioning of bird feeders and hanging flower baskets at the ideal height for viewing.


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