Coveside Screech Owl House


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Handcrafted in Maine by Coveside Conservation, this owl house is designed specifically for screech owls and saw-whet owls. It comes with species-specific literature and mounting instructions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for screech owls & saw-whet owls
  • Opening: 3-inch diameter
  • Rough pine interior helps owlets climb out
  • Slots for ventilation and drainage
  • Includes wood chips for nesting material
  • One side opens for easy cleaning
  • Construction: Eastern White Pine
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 19″ x 17¾”
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Product Quality: Customers tell us again and again that Coveside wildlife habitats are “the best on the market” with the unique rougher-head finish and secure construction.
  • Environmental Concern: Dimensions are correct for each species and care is given to ventilation and drainage for the well being of the inhabitants.
  • Sustainable Lumber: Made from eastern white pine which is preferable because it is a second-growth tree and it regenerates quickly.
  • Educational Materials: Each product comes with a brochure and a card telling about the wildlife inhabitant that will use it, recommending ideas for location and suggestions for maintenance procedures.
  • Experts Select: Coveside habitats were selected to be on permanent display in the United States Arboretum National Bird Garden in Washington, DC and the American Horticultural Society’s Wildlife Garden in Virginia.


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