Bo’s Marmalade Feeder


Serve special treats in this dish for your orioles!

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Serve special treats in this dish for your orioles!

You’re going to enjoy this simple oriole feeder! You can place special treats in this dish for your orioles, like orange halves, marmalade or grape jelly, or even mealworms. You can look forward to greater bird variety in your backyard by serving fruit, since catbirds, mockingbirds and tanagers love oranges, too. Stainless steel hanging wire with solid clear plastic dish and a scalloped, orange plastic rim, where your birds can perch. 4-7/8 x 7-1/2 inches.

  • 5 oz. capacity feeding dish
  • Offer special treats for your orioles
  • Features a skewer in the center to hold the orange
  • Lift dish off the bracket for easy cleaning
  • Made in the USA


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