Ultimate Bluebird House


This house features a window to view nestlings.

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The BirdsChoice Ultimate Bluebird House has it all!

It features a window to view nestlings. Its two side doors are routed with the helpful words CLEAN and VIEW. Raised screen floor reduces blowfly infestations. The overhanging roof, air vents and drainage holes keep interior dry and cool. Convenient front wall screen helps chicks climb up to the predator-resistant entry hole. And the 1-1/2 inch copper-faced entry suits bluebirds, chickadees, titmice, and more. Inland Red Cedar. 7 x 8-3/4 x 15 inches.

  • 1-1/2 inch entry hole with predator guard
  • Attract bluebirds to nest, where they’re safe from predators
  • Features raised wire mesh flooring to protect your bluebirds from blowfly larvae
  • Open the two side panels for easy observation or cleanout
  • Made in the USA


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