Coveside Open Top Bluebird House


Coveside Bird Habitats Open-Top Bluebird House.

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Mimic a natural cavity and encourage eastern bluebirds to roost in your area with this Coveside Open-Top Eastern Bluebird House. Adding a wooden nest box to your field or garden provides beautiful bluebirds an appropriate roosting site, and this unit has been carefully designed to mirror spots they would find naturally. A 1.5” diameter entry sits near the top of the pine frame, surrounded with a wooden block to keep squirrels and other predators out. An overhanging, downward sloping roof covers the chamber, with a 4” diameter opening here and black, 0.25” square mesh below it. Bluebirds often will nest in tree stumps or fence posts, tolerating rain and sunlight reaching the nest. Sparrows, however, tend to prefer an enclosed nesting site, so this design can often deter them from using the shelter. The top grid stops debris and predators from reaching the nest, and an included plastic cap can be added here if sparrows are not a concern. This plastic disc can also act as a dish, holding mealworms and other treats for nestlings. One side panel of this roost box lifts upward for nest checks, and a metal latch prevents it from opening accidentally. Gaps in the base corners encourage captured water to drain, while the unique design ensures the home remains nicely ventilated. The traditional, 0.25” thick, white pine boards keep the rest of the home cool in the summer, and its rough interior helps fledglings easily climb upward when ready to exit. A back hanger makes it simple to situate the home against a tree or wall, or the base can accommodate a mounting bracket (not included) for a different display. Provide nature-inspired shelter to bluebirds while deterring sparrows with this Open-Top Eastern Bluebird House. Made in the USA.

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Dimensions 9.75 × 6.25 × 12.5 in


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