Going Green Hopper with Suet Feeder


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Hopper feeders hold lots of seed and provide ample room for large birds like cardinals and grossbeaks. Heavy duty!

Join the Green Revolution with this Going Green Premier Bird Feeder. This environmentally-friendly hopper feeder with two suet cages is made from over 90% recycled plastics! It’s easy to maintain and will attract both large and small birds. Because it is made of plastics, it won’t absorb water and harbor mold and bacteria. The powder-coated perforated metal screen bottom provides excellent drainage to keep seed fresh and dry. It holds 10 lbs. of seed, and the lid lifts up easily on the hinge for convenient filling and cleaning.  This bird feeder can be hung or mounted on a pole or 4×4 post.  Made in the USA!

  • Dimensions: 13.5″L x 11.5″D x 11.25″H


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