Birds Choice Hanging Heart Bluebird Feeder


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Attract bluebirds, they’re as pretty as a picture!


This bluebird feeder is as pretty as a picture. The metal frame comes in the shape of a heart with a decorative heart-shaped blue plastic gem. Sure to capture the attention of passing bluebirds, so they fly in for a visit. Great for feeding dried mealworms, nuggets or our miracle crumbles. Includes metal hanging loop. Decorative blue plastic dish comes in the shape of a flower with scalloped edges and built-in perching space. Feeder measures 8 x 4-1/2 x 9 inches tall overall.


  • Bluebird Heart Feeder, 3 oz. capacity
  • Watch bluebirds take turns feeding from their own feeder
  • Features translucent blue plastic dish for viewing snack levels
  • Remove dish for easy cleaning and filling


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