Author name: Liz Magnanti

Winter Bird Watching

It’s inevitable. Snow, ice, sleet, and cold. Winter will be here before we know it. The days become short and the nights are long. Sometimes I think of how rough we have it here in Upstate New York, but in the winter I take one look out the window and see all the life we have outside. While we are snug in our homes drinking hot tea and curling up next to the fire, birds are exposed to the elements every day to find water, food and shelter. There are some species of birds that are here only for the winter as they have migrated here from further north. There are a few ways you can make their lives a little easier this winter, and you’ll get a great view of wildlife from the comfort of your home.

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Fall Bird Watching News

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to subside, birds are preparing for the winter months ahead. You may have noticed an abundance of birds recently at your feeders. Some of these birds are nestlings that have recently fledged. They usually appear clumsy, not sure about how to land on the feeder. Their feathers are ruffled, not yet in their adult plumage and sometimes they still accompany their parents, begging to be fed an easy meal.

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Attracting wildlife with water and plants

Adding water to your landscape, especially in the summer months, is crucial for making your yard wildlife friendly. Birds prefer moving water, so adding a fountain as a water feature will help draw in more birds. Moving water can be added to your yard in many ways. There are solar fountain kits that will sit in a birdbath or pond and run a spray of water as the sun hits their solar panel.

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