2020 Bird House Photography Contest Results

The results are in!  Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures into this year’s contest.  The over 200 submissions were fantastic and it was difficult to pick winners.  Thank you to our judges Aaron Winters, Clyde Comstock and Ed Pickett for coming out to the store to judge, and thank you to everyone who came out to make their voice heard during the cutsomer’s choice voting!

Judge Selections

Here are the contest winners, as selected by the judges:

First Place Judge Selection: Birds
Glenn Miller
Palm Beach County, FL

First Place Judge Selection: Wildlife
Paul Shew
West Henrietta, NY

First Place Judge Selection: Scenery & Second Place Customer Selection: Scenery
Kathleen Langer-Nawrocki

First Place Judge Selection: Youth & Second Place Customer Selection Youth
Miles Stover

First Place Judge Selection: Pets & First Place Customer’s Choice Pets
Kathy O’Shea
Williamson, NY

First Place Judge Selection: Bird House Elite
Elizabeth Kress
West Falls, NY

First Place Judge Selection: Employee Photos
Connie Crowl
Canada Goose
Albion, PA

Second Place Judge Selection: Birds
Mary Courtney
Pileated Woodpecker
Wolcott, NY

Second Place Judge Selection: Wildlife
Jennifer Stover
Tulip Tree Silkmoth
Honeoye Falls, NY

Second Place Judge Selection: Scenery
Eric Schoenhardt

Second Place Judge Selection: Youth & First Place Customer’s Choice Youth
Mathew Hogg
Northern Parula
Williamson, NY

Second Place Judge Selection: Pets
Ronda Sick
Cohocton, NY

Second Place Judge Selection: Bird House Elite
Annette Dragon
Red Fox
Yellowstone National Park

Second Place Judge Selection: Employee Photos

Laura Barrows

Customer’s Choice Selections

Here are the contest winners, as selected by our customers:

First Place Customer Selection: Birds
Dawn Cuozzo
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Fairport, NY

First Place Customer Selection: Wildlife
Karissa Cuttino
New Jersey

First Place Customer Selection: Scenery
Brian Tomcik
Watkins Glen State Park

First Place: Bird House Elite
Sandi Osterwise
Saw-whet Owl
Owl Woods, Braddock Bay, NY

First Place: Employee Photos

Patti Pirz
Duck Cove, Thousand Islands

Second Place Customer Selection: Birds
Kris Montalbano
Penfield, NY

Second Place Customer Selection: Wildlife
Dawn Cuozzo
Bee & Suunflower
Clover St

Second Place Customer Selection: Pets 

Karen Stanhope

Second Place Customer Selection: Bird House Elite
Chris Marshall
Scarlet Tanager

Honorable Mentions Selected by the Judges:

Birds Honorable Mention: Katrina Vanorman, Cedar Waxwing, Victor, NY

Birds Honorable Mention: Jennifer Stover, Screech Owl, Honeoye Falls, NY

Birds Honorable Mention: Paul Shew, Cedar Waxwing, West Henrietta, NY

Birds Honorable Mention: Jo Popma, Mallards, Michigan

Wildlife Honorable Mention: Sue Tessier, Fly, Gates, NY

Wildlife Honorable Mention: Peggy Pempsey, Red Fox, Brickyard Trail

Scenery Honorable Mention: Brian Tomcik, Sodus Point

Scenery Honorable Mention: Quintin LaFoe, Victor, NY

Pet Honorable Mention: Sue Anderson

Pet Honorable Mention: Paul Farrell

Elite Honorable Mention: Chris Marshall, Owlet, Ohio

Elite Honorable Mention: Claire Talbot, Kildeer, Greece Public Library

Youth Honorable Mention: Kiran Scherbenske, Nashville Warbler, Rochester

Youth Honorable Mention: Miles Stover, Common Merganser, Adirondacks

Employee Honorable Mention: Leslie Arduser-Brogan, Paperback Maple

Employee Honorable Mention: Connie Crowl, Out West

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