Hardware & Accessories


The Bird House stocks a variety of poles, baffles, and hardware to support whatever type and weight of bird feeder or house you have. Heavier feeders and houses require sturdy, heavier poles that can support their weight.  Lighter feeders and houses can be supported or hung on poles, shepherd’s hooks, or brackets.

  • Poles come in different heights to accommodate different size feeders. All can be supported by ground sockets, both auger and straight, and above-ground bases. The Bird House carries a wide selection of Erva poles and hardware.
  • Baffles create a squirrel barrier for preventing significant seed loss. The Bird House carries bullet style, hanging and cone-shaped baffles. Let us help you choose one depending on your type of bird feeder.
  • Flanges enable you to attach the bird house or feeder to the top of the pole for better stability.  Our flanges attach to standard, one-inch diameter poles.
  • Pole toppers come in two, three or four-hook styles and are inserted into the top of the pole.
  • Pole extensions enable adjustment of pole height.
  • Shepherd’s Hooks offer attractive, inexpensive and stylish ways to hang your bird feeder.
  • Hooks, hangers and mounting brackets and suction-cup styles are available to hang feeders and houses from branches, deck or porch rails, glass or house siding.


The Bird House carries anything you may need to clean or protect your feeder and houses.  Below are just a few items we carry.

  • Bird house protectors deter unwanted visitors from raiding bird houses.
  • Brushes are in stock for cleaning all sizes bird feeders.
  • Moth traps protect clothes and pantry items.
  • Animal and bird repellent devices are available for those pesky critters that just won’t go away.
  • Repeller ribbons keep woodpeckers from pecking at your house.
  • Window decals to prevent window strikes.
  • Nesting materials of wool and straw.
  • Cleaners for birdbaths, fountains, statuary and patio furniture are available.
  • Water wigglers, misters and drippers attract more birds to your yard